For chocolate connoisseurs across the eastern seaboard, Ursula XVII is a name to know.

The North Fork of Long Island is a pastoral expanse of farmland and vineyards, quaint towns, and maritime influences drawn from the waters that surround the peninsula. Of the indigenous entities that best define this area, chocolate is not included. A passionate chocolatier with a bold name is attempting to change that, one bonbon at a time.

Ursula XVII is a chocolatier who adopted the second name due to its numeral significance to her family (it translates to "17" in Catalan). Ursula launched Disset Chocolate in 2020. The artisanal chocolate company, from its charming storefront on Main Road in Cutchogue, is both retail, Atelier Disset, and a mail order business that ships nationally. The signature line of both operations are the bi-annual collections of bonbons, debuted seasonally (winter and summer) in a similar fashion to couture. This European sensibility is the product of the owner's Catalan background (though she was born and raised in New York City) and the summers in Barcelona that inspired her passion for pastry.

After studying at the French Pastry School in Chicago, Ursula XVII held a series of prestigious jobs around America and Europe, working with some of the most awarded names in the industry. While working at the North Fork Table & Inn, legendary pastry chef Claudia Fleming (most famous for her many years at Gramercy Tavern in New York) encouraged Ursula to start her own line of chocolates.

Disset Chocolate, and its signature bonbon collections and confections, embraces the owner's understanding of food as part of community. They partner with local purveyors for signature lines, and also welcome the community for classes in the "studio" in the back of the store, such as Chocolate 101 or chocolate canvas painting. Disset also partners with local companies (particularly from the North Fork's hospitality sector) on special projects and events. In October of 2021, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Disset introduced a "Beet Breast Cancer" bar made of local and dehydrated beets with dark chocolate. All proceeds went to PinkAid, a charity on Long Island that helps underserved breast cancer patients.

The 2022 Winter Collection is an assortment of seven varieties (Orange Cointreau, Monkey Bread, Mushroom Medley, Peppermint Marzipan, 70% Peruvian Dark Chocolate, Spicy Hot Chocolate, Elderberry Textures), and like all of the collections created by Ursula XVII, there is a Michelin-inspired aesthetic threaded with the owner's passions for chocolate that she is bringing to her community.