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BURGER OF THE MONTH: Buttery Burgers & Onions on Toast
This butter burger is an ode to Wisconsin, on toast. I cook onions in butter, cook my burgers in the buttery drippings and serve with the onions on top.
Burger Recipe Finder
Burger night has never been easier with our new must-have burger finder! Just tell us what you're in the mood for--the type of patty (beef, turkey, etc), toppings, and sides--and we'll serve up two great recipes that fit the bill.
Rachael's Weekend at Burger Bash 2012
The sixth annual Burger Bash at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival in Miami was the best one yet. Thirty-two talented chefs went head-to-head for awards and bragging rights. It was a fun night of good burgers, good times and good people!
Rachael Ray's Burgers of the Month: 2014
2014 was a good year for Rach's Burgers of the Month. Dig into Monte Cristo hybrids, chorizo burgers and even a burger that requires a knife and fork!
Rach's NYC Burger Bash 2009
It's carnivore heaven as chefs grill head-to-head at my annual New York City Burger Bash—and I'm sharing all the juicy details! Come hungry.
Rachael's Burger of the Month: Pizza Onion Burgers
Steak pizzaiola (panfried steak with wine-and-pizza sauce) is an Italian American classic. This recipe takes that idea and serves it up in burger form. To get that pizzaiola flavor, this burger is topped with onions cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. I call them pizza onions!
BURGER OF THE MONTH: Beef 'n' Broccoli Rabe Burger
"While my husband, John, is hurling himself down the mountains of upstate New York on his snowboard, I’ll be at home making these perfect après-ski burgers." —Rachael Ray
Ahi Tuna Burgers
Satisfy your burger craving without the beef! Ahi tuna is typically served rare, but you can cook this burger to your preferred doneness.
BURGER OF THE MONTH: Double Cheeseburgers with Special Ranch
"This double-decker burger with cheese between the patties is John's new favorite. It gives a certain fast-food burger a run for its money!" — Rachael Ray
Burger King's Newest Whopper is Impossible
The Impossible Whopper from Burger King is the latest example of meatless going mainstream.
5 Unforgettable Burger Recipes
We set our sights (and taste buds) on building five burgers -- salmon, pork, chicken, lamb and beef -- that go beyond the basics, from cool to spicy, simple to complex, light to rich. The one thing that binds them all? They're unforgettable.
Rachael Ray's Spring Burger Recipes
Spring is here! Celebrate with my some of my favorite burger recipes from the past few years.
Burger of the Month: Argentine Chimichurri Burgers
I went to Argentina once. I danced the tango in the most famous dance hall. I ate too much red meat. But I loved every bite because it was all served with acidic, herbaceous chimichurri, like this burger is. And there’s fried cheese on top. Enjoy!
A Year's Worth of Rach's Burgers!
Every month, Rachael Ray shares a brand-new burger recipe for readers to cook up. Here are her most recent recipes, each so unique, you'll never make the same burger again!