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Get Fresh: Green Beans
These veggies are perfect as appetizers or in a main dish.
Marvelous Manicures
With these marvelous manicures, you can be on-trend, right down to your fingertips.
7 Smart Buys to Help You Sleep Better
A few picks to help you avoid the fatigue, headaches, and other health risks associated with sleepless nights.
Casual Summer Supper
Call it a disposable feast: At this smartly designed party, the dinnerware gets tossed.
5 Grilled Salad Recipes That Are Perfect for Summer
Salad may not sound sexy, but these are! Try five easy recipes that will take your summer from good to grate. (See what we did there?)
Smitten Kitchen's Tips for Cooking in a Tiny Space
Deb Perelman, the blogger behind Smitten Kitchen, serves up meals to her family of four—and her 6 million readers!—from a 70-square-foot space in Manhattan. Steal some of her smart strategies and use them to make your space work harder for you.
Everything from granola bars to fruit juices boasts ingredients that can improve health and looks. Awesome? No doubt. Accurate? Not always. We bring the claims back down to earth.
How to Use a Cleaver
The cleaver is the new must-have knife for home cooks! "You can do so many tasks faster with a cleaver," says Matt Lindemulder, co-owner of Porchetta restaurant in NYC. "They have a nice, hefty feel, but the sharp blades slice thinly and easily, and the wide side is very useful." Try these prep tasks to start!
Nautical Outdoor Entertaining Faves
Make summer entertaining memorable with Rachael's favorite nautical outdoor party accessories!
5 Ways to Create a Cozy Book Nook
Need a place to kick back with a good read? Here's how to do it at home—no beach, cozy inn, or coffee shop required.
14 Fast Game-Day Ideas
Get in the game! We've got 14 tailgating recipes and tips to help your football party score a touchdown.